Please note the limits for entering Elite Open Men and the rules that apply to lifting in the Open Men Division!


1. In order to be eligible for the new push-pull competition, you must enter one bench (single-ply only) and one dead lift and these must be in the same division. (For example, you must enter Open Men in bench press - single-ply - and Open Men in dead lift.) In addition to the fee for the two divisions, you must pay a push-pull fee of $45. This will entitle you to a trophy for push-pull.

2. You may also enter a second division of bench (single-ply only) and a second division of dead lift and these must be in the same division, but different from the first division. In addition to the fee you pay for the four divisions (two bench and two deadlift), you must pay the push-pull fee for two divisions which is $80. This will entitle you to two trophies for push-pull.

3. Push-pull competition will not be available at WABDL World competition due to the number of contestants and the time constraints.

4. If you have questions about how records will be kept, please call Gus Rethwisch who is in charge of this new competition.

You are reminded that you must have a current card by weigh-ins in order to compete in a contest. If in doubt, purchase a new card and if it turns out you don't need it, you will receive a refund. If you don't have a current card, you will not be in the meet results, and you will forfeit any records you set.

YOU ARE ALSO REMINDED THAT YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISION, PLY, OR WEIGHT CLASS AFTER THE FINAL DATE FOR CHANGES LISTED ON THE ENTRY. Unless you make changes by the due date, what is on the entry is what you must lift at or you will not appear in the results. In the case of world competition, it would be best if you notified the secretary at (503) 822-5242 (phone) or (503) 822-5163 (fax) or by email at wabdl@comcast.net of changes. You may also notify Gus, but he is busy and may forget to let the secretary know. THESE RULES APPLY TO ALL SANCTIONED MEETS AND WILL BE ENFORCED AT WORLDS.

WABDL does not have nor does it have plans in the future to have a "raw" lifting division. Some lifters choose to lift raw and that is okay. Gus Rethwisch and some meet directors (it is at the discretion of the meet directors) sometimes give separate trophies for those lifting raw. Any records set lifting raw will be single-ply records.

Because we have no "raw" division, the meet results will no longer reflect "raw" in the ply column. Some lifters have been confused and think there actually is a "raw" division which, of course, there is not. In summary, you are welcome to lift raw and you may set single-ply records while doing so; however, there will no longer be "raw" listed for any meet results and those that occurred in the past will be changed to reflect our legal divisions of single-ply or double-ply.


The World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters is the first exclusive single lift federation in the world.

The WABDL now offers separate Single Ply and Double Ply bench shirt divisions.

Please, see the Official Rulebook (updated 3/24/2013) regarding these divisions.

Drug Testing
This is a drug tested federation. Drug testing is to take place at every meet and is the responsibility of every meet director to conduct the testing. The WABDL tests for steroids, clenbuteral, and speed as well as for abnormally high testosterone levels and TE ratios.

Contact Information
Gus Rethwisch - WABDL
P.O. Box 515
Willard, UT 84340
(503) 901-1622

WABDL Secretary: wabdl@comcast.net


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