NOTICE: ATTENTION WABDL LIFTERS: You are reminded that you must have a current card by weigh-ins in order to compete in a contest. If in doubt, purchase a new card and if it turns out you don't need it, you will receive a refund. If you don't have a current card, you will not be in the meet results, and you will forfeit any records you set.

YOU ARE ALSO REMINDED THAT YOU MAY NOT CHANGE DIVISION, PLY, OR WEIGHT CLASS AFTER THE FINAL DATE FOR CHANGES LISTED ON THE ENTRY. Unless you make changes by the due date, what is on the entry is what you must lift at or you will not appear in the results. In the case of world competition, it would be best if you notified the secretary at (503) 822-5242 (phone) or (503) 822-5163 (fax) or by email at wabdl@comcast.net of changes. You may also notify Gus, but he is busy and may forget to let the secretary know. THESE RULES APPLY TO ALL SANCTIONED MEETS AND WILL BE ENFORCED AT WORLDS.

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